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Instructions for using Chalk Couture Transfers

Peel transfer, pulling straight and not stretching.  Do not pull diagonally to avoid stretching.  Ensure adhesive side does not curl or touch.  Before first use on hard surfaces, put transfer onto a cotton terry cloth towel to create a layer of “fuzz” so the transfer will peel off your project easily.  On fabric surfaces, apply straight to fabric.  Make sure the transfer is well applied before using paste or ink.


Apply Chalkology Paste or ink by spreading a thin, even layer over design using a squeegee.  Scrape off excess and return to jar.  Work quickly and do not allow paste or ink to dry in transfer.


Remove transfer from surface slowly pulling upward.  Do not purl diagonally to avoid stretching.  If there is uneven coverage, re-apply transfer and apply additional paste or ink before continuing.


Clean transfer immediately after use in cool water, with cleaning wipes or a board eraser.  Gently clean transfer to avoid stretching, while making sure all product is out of the silk screen areas to ensure your next project will print properly.


Dry transfer by laying flat with adhesive side up until fully dry.  When fully dry, return transfer to backing sheet and store in a cook, dry place.

Using Chalk Couture Transfers on Wood

Prior to using any wood surface, it is recommended to wax your surface with our Chalk Couture Surface Wax.  Let cure overnight for best results.  Follow instructions as shown above.  For a permanent sign, you can spray with a polyurethane from hardware store.


Using Chalk Couture Transfers on Cloth

Rule of thumb is if you are washing it- USE INK!  Follow instructions as shown on other side.  Once dry, use a heat press on recommended setting, cover the design with parchment paper, and heat press for at least 30 seconds.  If using an iron, make sure no steam and press for 5 minutes.


Using Chalk Couture Transfers on Glass

If  you want to heat set glass or other oven safe materials, use the INK.  Follow the instructions from above.  Once dry, place in COLD oven, heat oven to 350°, then “cook” for 30 minutes.  Leaving items in oven, turn oven off to cool down.  Once oven is cool, items are set.

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